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Biography On Frank Sinatra Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Biography On Frank Sinatra - Essay Example Sinatra made a demo recording of the song "Our Love" on 18th March 1939 with the band named Frank Mane. The original record was kept in a safe for nearly 60 years by the band leader. Frank Sinatra began his musical career with Harry James and Tommy Dorsey and thereafter became a successful solo artist in the mid-1940s. Together with the James band in July 1939, Frank Sinatra released his first public recorded song. It is popularly known as â€Å"From the Bottom of My Heart".His first album was released in 1946 named, â€Å"The voice of Frank Sinatra†. Frank’s music was dominating charts by the year 1947. Because of his intricate and melodious voice, he soon became an artist of popular music. As every artist has a career chart, so did Frank Sinatra had. The problems with Frank Sinatra lied in his personal affairs, like friendship with the mafia and his interest in women. His interest in women became the cause of his divorce. Together with Frank's failure to serve in the military compile his decline in his personal, as well as his professional life. Overall, Sinatra's first and the only major downfall in music was in 1951 and it lasted for at most three years.As already mentioned, Frank Sinatra’s professional career had gone down by the 1950s. His career revived again in the year 1954. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his outstanding performance in the film â€Å"From Here to Eternity†. He eventually signed a contract with Capitol Records and released many appraised albums.

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The Social and Political Thought of Martin Luther King Essay

The Social and Political Thought of Martin Luther King - Essay Example It was the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a year-long protest in Montgomery, Alabama, that inflamed the American Civil Rights Movement and catapulted King to national fame. In December 1955, 42,000 black residents of Montgomery began a year-long boycott of city buses (Montgomery Bus Boycott)1 to protest racially segregated seating. The Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) was formed and King was elected as its president. That evening King inspired the audience with his words: "There comes a time when people get tired of being trampled over by the iron feet of oppression." With this speech, King was able to ignite the African-Americans' collective outrage into a grassroots movement that would sustain the boycott. King's nonviolent resistance was the mission statement that captained the cause of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, even in the face of violent opposition from the police and the whites. Even though the boycott was challenged throughout by violent protests, King did not let people forget that Christian principles were the base of the protest. He urged the black protestors when faced with violence, to "turn the other cheek". This set the tone for all of King's subsequent campaigns. The protest propelled the Civil Rights Movement into national consciousness and Martin Luther King Jr. into the public eye. In the words of King: "We have gained a new sense of dignity and destiny. We have discovered a new and powerful weapon-nonviolent resistance." After 381 days of intense struggle, African Americans eventually won their fight to desegregate seating on public buses, not only in Montgomery, but throughout the United States. With the success of the Montgomery bus boycott, King had begun his journey along the road of civil rights, whose ultimate destination was the realization of human rights, not only for the blacks but to all the underprivileged of America. Thomas F.Jackson begins his book, "From Civil Rights to Human Rights" by stating "Over the course of his public ministry, between the Montgomery bus boycott of 1956 and the Memphis sanitation workers' Strike of 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr., wove together African American dreams of freedom with global dreams of political and economic equality. King opposed racism, imperialism, poverty, and political disfranchisement in increasingly radical terms. Often he referred to the American civil rights movement as simply one expression of an international human rights revolution that demanded economic rights to work, income, housing, and security." Jackson argues that King's ideas and his socio-political thoughts did not undergo a sudden change towards economic justice in the final few years of his life but had begun taking root even in the initial years of his involvement in the civil rights movement. The fact that the theme of economic justice was central to King's thoughts throughout his career is evident from the way King attacked the unequal distribution of American wealth twice before the NAACP2.He even pointed out to a January MIA mass meeting

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The Writings of Shakespeare and Donne Essay Example for Free

The Writings of Shakespeare and Donne Essay The poems from William Shakespeare and John Donne that interest me are â€Å"Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day† and â€Å"The flea†. One of the main reason that I am writing about these two poems are because they are the only ones that I know of because that is what we talked about in class and I have never read poetry in my life. Poetry has always been difficult for me to read because of my mild case of dyslexia. I have to read the sentence a couple of times before I finally figure out what the writer is trying to say. Obviously I have heard of Shakespeare before and knew about his works that included Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, and Julius Caesar. What I didn’t know was how successful and influential his poetry was. But unlike William Shakespeare, I have never heard about John Donne until the lecture a few days ago. After reading the two poems I believe that there are many similarities and differences in the style that both of these poets write. In â€Å"Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day by William Shakespeare I certainly feel that the author is addressing a woman with whom he is truly in love. This is purveyed to me by the two strong opening lines, â€Å"Shall I compare thee to a summers day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate†. Shakespeare starts the sonnet off with how strongly he loves this woman and then goes on to say â€Å"Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer’s lease hath all to short a date: Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines† Shakespeare is saying that even though he loves her, she is still not perfect. Afterwards he goes on to say, â€Å"But thy eternal summer shall not fade, Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st† which he is saying that her youth will not fade and that her beauty will always remain with her for the rest of her life. It ends with â€Å"So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. † He is trying to say that as long as people are alive on the Earth, his feelings towards this woman will never change and will allow her to live forever. A poem we have studied and which also focuses on a similar situation to that of â€Å"Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day† is â€Å"The flea† by John Donne. In it he goes on to say that the flea has sucked both of their bloods and how they are now mingled together. He says, â€Å"This flea is you and I, and this Our marriage bed and marriage temple is† The man in the story believes that he and the woman are one with the flea and if she decides to kill the flea she would be killing the marriage between them. The poem ends with, â€Å"’Tis true; then learn how false fears be: Just so much honor, when thou yield’st to me, Will waste, as this flea’s death took life from thee. This means that if she were to sleep with him, she would lose no more honor than she lost when she killed the flea. The similarities between â€Å"The flea† and â€Å"Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day† are not quite as numerous as the differences. One of the main similarities is that both of the main characters are in love with a woman, even their love seems to be the opposite of each other. There are many differences in the way that Shakespeare and Donne write. Shakespeare is more in your face I guess you would say. He doesn’t use as much trickery as Donne does in his sonnet and is a lot easier to understand in my opinion. The tone in â€Å"Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day† seems to be more upbeat than in â€Å"The flea†. How Donne uses a flea and blood in his sonnet makes it seem more ominous. As you can see, they are many similarities and differences in the way that William Shakespeare and John Donne write in â€Å"Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day† and â€Å"The Flea†. Both of these poets had a long lasting impact upon Western Civilization and helped influence the English language all around the world. If someday I become hooked to reading poetry, I can look back and know these two poems are what got me addicted.

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The Odyssey, by Homer, is an Epic Essay -- Epic Narrative

An epic is a long, episodic narrative poem that recounts the adventures of a historical or mystical hero. Episodic narratives have a larger story broken down into closely connected, but individual and separate sections. Some important qualities that distinguish an epic are unrealistic antagonists, the Gods and Goddesses playing important roles, and a story involving the re-establishment of a proper leader. â€Å"The Odyssey†, by Homer, is an epic because Odysseus (the hero) faces supernatural antagonists, the gods and goddesses play an important role, and Odysseus is being restored as a rightful leader. Throughout the story, Odysseus faces several supernatural antagonists. One of these antagonists is a creature named Scylla. In a daring and dangerous section of the epic, the story mentions, â€Å"He and his crew must pass between Scylla and Charybdis. Scylla is a terrifying monster with six heads. She dwells in a high rocky cave, devouring sailors in ships that pass close by.†(Homer 617) Scylla is a supernatural monster because no large creatures have been identified in the world to have six heads. She is Odysseus’ antagonist because in this particular section, Odysseus must challenge the monster by sailing close by, without losing sailors. However, Scylla devours six of his men, one for each head. Therefore, by losing his men to Scylla, the monster is noticeably an antagonist. Prior to the encounter with Scylla, Odysseus faces a one-eyed monster named Polyphemus. Polyphemus lives in the land of the Cyclops, and Odysseus is eager to meet this â€Å"mountai n king†. An excerpt from the story of the Cyclops Odysseus reports, â€Å"†¦but in one stride he clutched at my companions and caught two in his hands like squirming puppies t... ...raits. By learning from his mistakes, Odysseus will be more knowledgeable of how a king would act. The development of leadership traits is the final point that makes â€Å"The Odyssey† an epic. â€Å"The Odyssey†, by Homer, is an epic because Odysseus (the hero) faces supernatural antagonists, the Gods and Goddesses play an important role, and Odysseus is mortal and possesses flaws and imperfections. Odysseus encounters monsters such as the Cyclopes, and Scylla and Charybdis. He interacts with the Gods Zeus and Poseidon. Odysseus is also in the process of gaining leader-like traits such as judgment and cautiousness. â€Å"The Odyssey† is an epic journey full of Odysseus’ quests and adventures. Works Cited Homer. "The Odyssey." Adventures in Reading. Ed. Dorothy Diemer Hendry. Trans. Robert Fitzgerald. Orlando: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1989. 599-653. Print.

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Methods of Resource Allocation and Resource Leveling

Abstraction This paper illustrates what is the resource, what are the motivations for the direction of resources in undertakings, what is the different between Resource Allocation and Resource Leveling, it explains the attacks used in resource direction which are â€Å" the resource constrained scheduling problems† ( RCSP ) and â€Å" Resource Leveling Problems† ( RLP ) , it discusses the different methods or algorithms that involvement in resource programming and direction, it besides presents some of heuristic theoretical accounts such as the Minimum Moment Method, the PACK Method, and the Minimum Absolute Deviation ( MinDev ) Method, it besides focuses on the Genetic Algorithm ( GA ) , explains what is the mechanism of work and its rule, and it shows the mathematical theoretical accounts of GA. Introduction What is resources? Any point that required to carry through a work, and to Complete an activities to accomplish coveted ends. Some illustrations of resource are people, capital, energy, stuff, machinery, clip, etc. The success of a undertaking direction is determined by its day of the month completion. Through a carefully planned sequence, the agenda arranges the group of single work activities by directing start and terminal day of the months. The clip it takes to construct a undertaking is controlled by the yearss of the planned work activities. The continuance of each activity is equal to the measure of undertaking divided by the production rate. Shortages of chief resources can impact the completion clip and work of scheduled work activities by diminishing the outlook of production rate and later increasing the planned continuance of work beyond the outlook completion day of the month of the undertaking and hence carry extra fiscal loads due to the hold. Ignoring restraints set on the agenda by the limited resources decrease the effectivity of utilizing the agenda as a direction tool. For that, the resource demands for each activity should be estimated and calculated carefully before a agenda is assign into action. Different between Resource Allocation and Resource LevelingDelegating needed resources to undertakings or activities such that available resources are non exceeded the upper bounds called Resource Allocation.Resource grading: it’s a procedure of smoothening of a resource demand. It’s an effort to delegate resources to project activities in a manner that will better productiveness and avoid extra resource needed.Ideal Condition, Theoretically histogramFigure 1 Practical & A ; Target Histogram Figure 2 Resource allotment,besides known as resource burden, is the procedure that breaks down work activities into the types and measures of labour, stuffs, and equipment needed to finish the occupation. As a consequence, one is able to find the awaited resource demands, and program consequently.Resource gradingtakes the direction of resources one measure farther by analysing the resource demands of the full undertaking and trying to cut down the jobs associated with deficient measures and/or fluctuations in resource demand on a daily footing. Work performed on building work sites requires the use of labour, stuffs and equipment resources. As antecedently stated, deficits in the handiness or measure of any of import resources can impact the efficiency and completion of day of the month and scheduled work. Therefore, the resource demands for each activity should be estimated before a agenda is put into action. By apportioning the labour, stuffs, and equipment required to execute each single work on the agenda, one is able to pre-plan the expected resource demands for each working day of the undertaking before the agenda is carried out. This entire resource demand is so compared with the measure ( supply ) on-hand. If the supply on-hand exceeds the demand, so the agenda can be worked as planned. If it is found that the demand exceeds supply, so stairss need to be taken to guarantee that the proper sum of resource will be on manus on the day of the month needed. It should be noted that the Resource Allocation procedure merely determines whether or non there is a job when comparing resource supply and demand. It will non province the class of action needed to rectify the job. The fluctuations of resource use of labour, equipment, or stuffs can do a resource waste, therefore it will be extra fiscal loads and it’s really expensive. The disbursal that consequences from fluctuations in labour supply comes in the signifier of uninterrupted preparation and lay-off of new employees, or in the mobilisation and demobilisation of building equipment. Leveling the demand for resources helps minimise the cost of the undertaking and the big daily fluctuations in the figure of resources needed. Frequently, the undertakings tend to two chief way, whether they are profitable undertakings or service undertakings, the first 1 is to alter day of the month of the completion clip of the undertaking before when it was scheduled and planned â€Å" Reducing the continuance of the undertaking, † with the available resources â€Å" the resource constrained scheduling problems† ( RCSP ) , while the 2nd tendency is the leveling the resources on the all-time of the undertaking to guarantee the terminal of the undertaking in the scheduled day of the month â€Å" Resource Leveling Problems† ( RLP ) . For that, many methods and algorithms were published that take one of these two tendencies, some of them are heuristic methods which will be mentioned some of them subsequently, and the other are modern method, such as a familial algorithm, Ant Colony Optimization, and Particle Swarm Optimization and others. The first heuristic method that is published isBurgess and killbrew methodin 1962, this method aims to level the resources along the continuance of the undertaking to guarantee the the completion day of the month of the undertaking. And what distinguishes it that the precedence regulation based heuristic process to cut down the fluctuations on resource demand and applicable to a assortment of leveling prosodies. In 1975,Woodworth and Willie methodwas published, its RLP method, and its algorithm for resource grading in multi-project, multi-resource programming. Harris has created a method calledPACK methodin 1990, to level resources by minimising minutes of resource histograms has been introduced. Then followed byMartinez and Aoannou methodin 1993, its RLP, the Modified Minimum Moment Heuristic has been used in building resource grading in this method, in 1996 Chan Chua and Kannan algorithm has published, its GA based method which aims to minimise divergences from available resource. General theoretical account to transport out resource grading ( RLP ) and limited resource allotment ( RCSP ) at the same time. This sort of algorithms sometimes called metaheuristic. One of the ways that will be discussed in this paper the minimal minute method. The Minimum Moment Method ( Martinez and Ioannou 1993 ) The minimal minute method supposes that the minute of the day-to-day resource demands about the X axis ( horizontal axis ) of a undertaking ‘s resource histogram is a powerful step of the resource use and the optimum resource allotment obtains when the entire minute is at a lower limit, when the resource histogram is an ideal status as a rectangle form. The method ‘s aim is to minimise the day-to-day fluctuations in resource demand by traveling activities in clip on the x axis and withen each activity ‘s free float so as to avoid switching successor activities. this activity shifting is typically time-constrined ( the undertaking completion clip remain unchanged without increased or decreased. Mathematically, the resource minute () for the undertaking can be expressed by ciphering the amount of single resource minutes about the X axis ( clip axis ) . The cost map given by: Subjected to: A?Tocopherol?F A? 0 iN= 1,2, †¦ , m Where I is the clip interval index, omega is the figure of clip interval,is resource demand for each interval, N is the figure of activity, m is the entire figure of activities, Ais the existent start clip of each activity n,Tocopherolis the earliest start clip of activity N, andFis the free float of activity N. The PACK Method ( Harris Method 1990 ) The PACK Method is based on the minimal minute method and depend on packing each non-critical activities one by one to do switching on allowable free float taking into account their day-to-day resource demands fill the spreads in the resource histogram. The PACK method builds a histogram sing merely critical activities in the first, the other activities ( non-critical activities ) are arranged in given sequences based on sequence measure ( in diminishing order ) , day-to-day resource demand ( in diminishing order ) and entire float ( in increasing order ) and so hierarchically activities are selected from the processing waiting line and arranged and assigned in clip between the originally scheduled early start and late start clip of each one. The activity displacement is determined so that cut down the minute of resource or day-to-day resource demand taking into history the impact on the undermentioned activities. Figure 3 One of the restraints of this method is the continuance of each activity remains without altering and that betterments in resource allotment can be achieved by activity shifting and the use of each activity’s free float. Minimum Absolute Deviation ( MinDev ) The aim of AbsDev is to minimise the divergence between the resource demands and a desirable changeless resource rate.The mathematical preparation of the nonsubjective map for the AbsDev is as follows: AbsDev = U = Where N is the undertaking continuance, andis the demand of appointed activities at the twenty-four hours m, Y is the figure of activities, U is a unvarying resource degree,is the entire demand of activity x, andis the continuance of activity x. Familial Algorithm ( GA ) In the recent old ages, Genetic Algorithm has been the topics of involvement. The dramatic characteristic of this algorithm is that it is based on thoughts from the scientific discipline of biological genetic sciences and the procedure of natural choice. It is introduced in the United States in the early 1970’s by J.Holland and it is an outstanding method to work out the complex optimisation job. It has been widely used in many Fieldss, such as map optimisation, combination optimisation, nervous web optimisation, programming optimisation and so on. The major benefits of this algorithm is that they provide a robust hunt in complex infinites and are normally less expensive, every bit far as calculation is concerned, when compared to most other optimisation solutions. Some of the features of GA compared to normal optimisation hunt processs are: ( 1 ) Smart hunt ; ( 2 ) Progressive optimisation ; ( 3 ) Global optimum solution. ( 4 ) Black-box construction ; ( 5 ) Good versatility ; ( 6 ) Parallel-type algorithm ; ( 7 ) Intrinsic acquisition ; ( 8 ) Stability. Most of the familial algorithms have three chief operators: 1 ) Choice ; 2 ) Crossing over 3 ) Mutant. The Genetic Algorithm is performed in the undermentioned stairss: Measure 1: Population low-level formatting ; Measure 2: Calculate the fittingness value of each person ; Measure 3: Choice ; Measure 4: Crossing over ; Measure 5: Mutant ; Measure 6: Analyze the halt status, if meet stop status, travel to step 7, else go to step 2 ; Measure 7: End product the person with best fittingness value. The procedure of the Genetic Algorithm can be described as Fig. 4: Figure 4: Flow chart of the Genetic Algorithm

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The Death Of An Ice Cube - 1832 Words

The chilling sensation of an ice cube pressed to my ear, my friends excited laughter, a sharp stinging sensation, and then it was over. I had successfully pierced my cartilage despite my parent’s disapproval. This was the very first of many defiant acts that I would perform in the years to come. As I looked at my newly pierced ear the first emotion that flooded through me was satisfaction. I had successfully undermined my parents. They had drawn a line in the sand and I had jumped right over it. Then slowly, a second emotion started to trickle in, guilt. Not regret or remorse. Just guilt. I wasn t sorry for what I had done but I knew what punishment awaited me. Only weeks before I had asked for my parent’s permission to get the piercing and had received a hard â€Å"no†. So what had provoked me to go behind my parents back and do it anyways? Was it to spite them? To provoke a response? Had I done it for myself? Maybe I had something to prove to myself, to show the world that I was daring and rebellious. When my parents saw the newest metal addition to my â€Å"holy temple† they were furious as expected. Any normal parent would make their kid take out the piercing and ground them for god knows how long. I was grounded of course, and also lost my car privileges but the kicker was the unique punishment of finding, reading, and copying down 20 verses from the bible that talked about obeying one’s parents. I was raised in a very godly home. We went to church twice a week, memorizedShow MoreRelatedThe Movie Straight Outta Compton Directed By F. Gary Gray1706 Words   |  7 Pagesattention to Eazy-E, and makes sure that everything is put together for him. This caused Ice Cube to leave the group after the scene in which Heller and Eazy are having a nice lunch while Ice Cube and the other members of the group are having burgers. The scene is shot in a nice restaurant which is a contrast to where the group usually hung out. The scene shows Heller advising Eazy about getting more money but when Ice Cube asks about his, he gets told to wait. Heller focuses all his attention on the oneRead MoreStraight Out of Compton Review584 Words   |  3 Pagesyoung black men residing in Compton, California who rise unexpectedly to fame, using their viciously honest rhymes, die hard beats, and frustrations about their lifestyle in the streets of the hood. Active from 1986 to 1991 these six men Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Arabian Prince, MC Ren, and DJ Yella have endured enormous controversy owning to their explicit lyrics that many people have view as being disrespectful to women, drugs and crime, police, and gang violence. It’s hard to actively hateRead MoreHip Hop Nationalism Essay examples944 Words   |  4 Pagesinjustices occur to the black community, hip hop music became a pedestal to voice their opinions. For example, when Rodney King was brutally beat by the LAPD on March 3, 1991 (Decker 2008). The whole Rodney King incident consequently gave Ice Cube inspiration for his album Death Certificate. Hip hop artists are usually not involved in politics but are most strongly involved in the cultural politics which tie to the working and urban poor blacks. Eventually hip hop artists later regarded themselves by theRead More Freedom of Expression and Rap Music Essay1113 Words   |  5 Pagesyears ago a rapper by the name of Ice Cube created a very controversial album called Death Certificate. Billboards called Ice Cube a racist and tried to convince retailers not to sell his album. Taking it to extremes, the state of Oregon made it illegal to display Ice Cubes image in a retail outlet. ?Even though Ice Cubes c.d. Death Certificate got little to no airplay, and had a limited advertising budget of $18,000, the album reached #2 on the charts? (Zhar). Ice Cubes description of ghettosRead MoreGetting to Know Absinthe650 Words   |  3 PagesFrance’s vineyards, sending wine prices skyrocketing and further kindling the growing rage for absinthe. By 1910, France was knocking back 36 million liters of absinthe per year. Savvy drinkers poured the spirit through a sugar cube placed on a slotted spoon and mixed it with ice-cold water, creating a milky green concoction; a method of preparation that still stands as the traditional serving of the drink. More than other Parisians, it was the painters and writers who chose this as their beverage ofRead MoreEssay on THE NWA1849 Words   |  8 Pagesmainstream American radio stations. In spite of this, the group has sold over 10 million units in the United States alone. The original lineup consisted of Arabian Prince, DJ Yella, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, and Ice Cube. MC Ren joined in 1988, with Arabian Prince leaving the group later that same year. Ice Cube left in December of 1989 over royalty disputes. Several members would later become platinum-selling solo artists in the 1990s. Their debut album Straight Outta Compton marked the beginning of the newRead MoreHow Subliminal Messaging Affects Consumer Behavior1561 Words   |  7 Pagesall emotional stimuli - love (sex) and death. (Key, p. 28) Examining these statements by Keys, it is clear that he believes subliminal messages not only exist, but furthermore that they clearly affect consumer behavior since they appeal to the strongest of primordial forces within the human psyche. Later in his book he states, Ice cubes likely sell more alcohol for the distilling industry than attractive models in cheesecake poses. The inconspicuous ice cubes often hide the invisible sell - invisibleRead MoreWhat Makes A Ra pper?887 Words   |  4 Pagessuch as Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Big L and KRS-One, laying the foundations of rap for the newer generation of rap artists. Rappers that fail to remain significant over time eventually wither away and are virtually overlooked. In essence, a worthy rapper can be determined by time itself, and the best resistance a rapper can have against time is to have quality work that endures the test of time. Rap artists such as Tupac Shakur, whose rap career began in 1988 and continued up until his death in 1996 (cite)Read MoreMusic Of The West Coast2270 Words   |  10 Pagesaware of what went on in neighborhoods of lesser fortune. Their music sent shockwaves across the country, so large that the F.B.I. was in contact with the infamous group. The three main players of the group were its founder Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, and Ice Cube. N.W.A., often considered the God Father’s of rap and hip hop music, were often at the center of much controversy, they completely changed the landscape of America. They are responsible for artist that we have today as well, such as Kendrick LamarRead MoreEssay on John Singletons Boyz in the Hood1263 Words   |  6 Pagesas Chris and Doughboy are in juvenile hall as children, while Tre is spared this as a result of his father looking over him. This theme will continue throughout the film. The landscape of the urban ghetto and the legacy left to black youth, and the death it brings upon them is well portrayed in the film. The film Boyz in the Hood opens with the kids that will be followed throughout the movie. It is foreshadowing of the events that will follow them all their lives. Ricky and Doughboy are without a

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How to Get a Student Visa to the United States

Students who want to travel to the United States in order to study need to meet specific visa requirements. Other countries (UK, Canada, etc.) have different requirements that play an important role when deciding where to study English abroad. These student visa requirements may change from year to year. Types of Visas F-1 (student visa). The F-1 visa is for full-time students enrolled in an academic or language program. F-1 students may stay in the U.S. for the full length of their academic program, plus 60 days. F-1 students must maintain a full-time course load and complete their studies by the expiration date listed on the I-20 form. M-1 (student visa). The M-1 visa is for students who participate in vocational or other recognized nonacademic institutions, rather than language training programs. B (visitor visa). For short periods of study, such as a month at a language institute, a visitor visa (B) may be used. These courses do not count as credit toward a degree or academic certificate. Acceptance at a SEVP Approved School If you would like to study for a longer period of time, you must first apply and be accepted by a SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Progam) approved school. You can find out more about these schools at the Department of State Education USA website. After Acceptance Once you are accepted at  a SEVP-approved school, you will be enrolled in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) — which also requires the payment of  a  SEVIS  I-901 fee of $200  at least three days before submitting your application for a U.S. visa. The school to which you have been accepted will provide you with a form I-20 to present to the consular officer at your visa interview. Who Should Apply If your course of study is more than 18 hours a week, you will need a student visa. If you are going to the U.S. primarily for tourism, but want to take a short course of study of less than 18 hours per week, you may be able to do so on a visitor visa. Waiting Time   There are several steps when applying. These steps may differ, depending on which U.S. embassy or consulate you choose for your application. Generally speaking, there is a three-stage process for obtaining a U.S. student visa: 1) Obtain an interview appointment 2) Take the interview 3) Get processed Allow six months for the entire process. Financial Considerations Students are also expected to show financial means to support themselves during their stay. Students are sometimes allowed to work part-time at the school they are attending. Student Visa Requirements Acceptance by university or learning institutionKnowledge of English language (usually established through TOEFL scores)Proof of financial resourcesProof of non-immigrant intent For more detailed information visit the US State Departments F-1 information page Tips Double check requirements at the consulate or embassy near you before beginning the process.Find out which school you would like to attend and make sure that it is SEVP-approved.Apply to the school you would like to attend before applying for a visa.Pay the SEVIS I-901 fee well before your visa Interview. Source Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study. EducationUSA.